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Home staging is an investment to maximize offers, speed up the sale and reduce stress. 

You are in good hands with the experts at ReLux Stage. We are professionally trained, licensed and insured. We have a proven track record of results for satisfied agents and sellers, alike.


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No two homes are the same. Every seller is unique. We provide solutions. We  meet sellers where they are to put their home in the strongest marketing position possible.

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We meet sellers where they are. Together we develop plans based on budget and time to deliver the highest results possible. 

We also provide a variety of other home services to reduce reduce stress, save time and money, too.


OCS™ Consultations

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Preparation to make buyers fall in love


Holiday and event decorating

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Furniture, accessories, finishes and fixtures when you are not selling

From Our Founder

This is personal

Most sellers live in their homes while they are on the market.  Over the past 7 plus years as a real estate stager I noticed these homes were not being shown in the strongest marketing position most of the time. 

I am on a mission to change this. I work with Realtors and with sellers directly.

The agents trust me. I take care of their clients. They value the Occupied Staging services. They appreciate the organized processes and systems. Home staging is a component of real estate marketing. Often, the agents took my continuing education class. They know I am friendly and approachable, too.

An invitation to someone’s home is a compliment. Sellers quickly learn I am there to help them squeeze every drop of money out of their most valuable asset. I am not there to judge, only to help them get results.
I love helping people accomplish their goals and realize their dreams. As a home stager I am blessed with this opportunity every day!