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When preparing a property for sale you can be confident you have a highly skilled network to support you with five-star service every step of the way.


The Custom Verbal Consultation Starts at $300


A comprehensive action plan for a successful sale. sellers learn exactly what needs to happen to prepare for the quickest, most profitable sale in an empowering way.

$300/ START


home staging

After the consultation, you will have a clear plan. However, there is still more work to be done to ensure your property is in the strongest marketing position possible when photos and video are taken and for live showings, too. This is when many of our clients decide they would like further assistance.

$650/ HALF DAY





Decorating for birthdays, weddings, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year’s or any occasion can be a hassle and sometimes a safety risk. You can have the most impressive house on the block and the most beautiful holiday atmosphere indoors with ReLux Stage decorating services. 

$300/ START



Interior Design provides a soul to a building or space and makes a space more functional, pleasant and livable. Click below to visit Ur Design Team to learn about creating the space of your dreams.

$300/ START



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After over 7 years in the Home Staging industry  I decided to specialize in the Occupied market. This means working with sellers who are still living in their homes while they are selling.

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