Due to the time and labor invested in holiday decorating,our clients hire holiday decorating services to enjoy time with family and friends. 



We Can Do: Holiday and Event Decorating

Decorating for birthdays, weddings, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year’s or any occasion can be a hassle and sometimes a safety risk. You can have the most impressive house on the block and the most beautiful holiday atmosphere indoors with ReLux Stage decorating services. 

We decorate Christmas trees, mantles, table scapes, outdoor areas or any space using what you already have or starting from scratch with items we can buy for you.

It is important for a home seller to change their mindset from “my home” to a property to be merchandised and marketed properly. All tips and suggestions presented are made with the intention to sell the property faster and at a larger profit. 

This is a seller’s jump-start to make moving day less stressful.

During the 2-hour VERBAL consultation, we encourage the seller to take notes as we examine the property, from the front curb to the back yard, discussing in detail:


Who Their Target Buyer Is And What They Want


What To Pack, What To Keep, What To Move


Paint Colors To Sell Their Property


How To Arrange Furniture


Organization And Storage Tips

Adjustments To Lighting

Shopping Suggestions To Create The Model Home Look

Cosmetic Changes With The Most Powerful Return On Investment

Home Seller Safety

The Custom Verbal Consultation Starts at $300

Professional Guidance From A Certified Occupied Consultation Specialist™


Top 10 Customized Priority List

Showing Instructions and Open House Check-List

Vendor Referrals And Discounted Purchase Recommendations

A Distinct Advantage 

For real estate agents, theOCS™ Consultation service teaches your clients staging is NOT about making a house pretty. Staging is about making a listing more MARKETABLE. It is a proven method to beat the competition. It delivers the highest return on the marketing investment. Ultimately, it puts more money in everyone’s pockets.